Redesign Complete

Our new demo build is now finally complete. It features a newly refined interface look as well as inputs. We took in a variety of suggestions to make this one better. Some other notable changes in this new demo are the newly added sound effects, level music and even some nifty power related shaders. Below is a link to the newest build and everyone is welcome to play this demo and give us feedback.


Redesign in Progress

After having a conversation with Dan Adams of Unity we decided to make some changes to our game. The main focus of our work will now be to redesign the interface, GUI and the power usage in level one. Hopefully we can make our very first stage so well polished that turns some heads. Other major changes that we plan to make would be an overhual of our music for the stages as well as adding aditional props throughout the game. So expect a new looking version of Split Gear Games: Discarded very soon.

Level 4: Hotel

Great strides have been made in modeling and texturing by our group. What you see below is a glimpse at what Level 4 will look like. Now all you have to do is use your imagination to guess what creative puzzles and props we will use. On a side note expect our latest game demo to be up in a week.

Level 3: Parking Structure

Welcome to the “Parking Structure” this is where S.A.M. will navigate his way through level three’s ingeniously designed puzzles. We have tons of really cool effects and gameplay ideas for this stage so be prepared to see it in our upcoming build.


Follow the Flow

This image is of Discarded’s Level Flow. It maps out the steps our team is taking to finish our game by our projected deadline. We are all fully confident that if we follow this excellent plan that we will easily reach our goal.